Magazine Review


With the evil forces of television and internet being vigilant in their effort to phase out the print world, I thought now is a good time to renew your faith and maybe your subscriptions. (I am aware of the irony/incongruity in that statement. Thanks for asking.) What kind of sadistic blogger would tell you to stop referring to the internet to satisfy your fashion needs? Look, the truth is that while you’re looking busy at work, it’s far more discreet to get your trend or celebrity fix without the deafening crinkle of a magazine page in a quiet office. I have a few favorite sites that keep me in the know while I try to pass the time but I won’t lie, most times I think “This is what cheap drugs must be like.” It’ll get you there but it’s a temporary high. A different high – nowhere near as good as the pure stuff. I’m getting carried away but you get what I mean. It’s fast, cheap and dirty. Much like a Whitney Houston revelation, you should want the best. “Crack is whack” children. ….”BOBBAAYYYYY!!!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Once a dedicated Vogue reader, I decided to go old school and subscribe to various fashion magazines. You can often find offers online for free subscriptions if you’re ambivalent about committing. After this review, hopefully you won’t need to make your local postman work so hard. Let’s get right to it. Nylon – Nylon is great for all you trendy, indie, trust fund babies out there. A few brands I’d never heard of; typically overpriced but stylistically desirable. The downside is that the pages are lack-lustre, not one fragrance sample and it’s overtly targeted for a younger audience. ELLE – Great, affordable beauty product and accessory finds. Kudos to the staff for finding items within the budget of us mere common folk. The quantity of high-end ads are comparable to that of Vogue. Lucky – Waste of time. Marie Claire – Don’t bother. That magazine is painfully generic and the pieces are mediocre. Cosmopolitan – To my utter dismay, Cosmo albeit containing cheesy quizzes that boast life-altering results, is the perfect balance of celebrity/practical fashion/entertaining satirical pieces. Call it my favorite guilty pleasure. Vogue – Ah, combien magnifique! Does it get any better for high fashion? Fewer pages it seems. Less and less every issue but just as valuable as a reputable source for fashion authority. Haper’s Bazaar – A close runner up to Vogue. Great articles and slightly less celebrity obsessed. Try and ignore the fact that Miley Cyrus is on the current cover if you can.

What magazines will you be subscribing to?…

XX, Danielle


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