Halston Puts SJP On Their Payroll


In all seriousness, we love Sarah Jessica Parker and apparently so does Halston. Largely rumored is SJP’s draft to become part of the creative team for Halston’s less expensive line: “Halston Heritage”. Just what will she be doing? It’s anybody’s guess until the official statement is made. The Sex And The City actress had a previously failed attempt at launching her own line, “Bitten”. The clothing line was actually well designed and affordable. Check it out here!!!

We predict she’ll do well. With a once reputable house label who still stands on a piece of fashion history, this just might make both Halston and SJP relevant again in the world of ready to wear. I fail to recall which disgrace of a fashion blog had the gall to mention fear of the Lindsay Lohan effect. (You know, that whole House of Ungario travesty – which, nobody really cared about until recently.) To that blogger I say shame on you. Shame, shame, SHAME! That said, hopefully they get smart and seek out a larger chain of stores to carry the line. Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, por favor?

XX, Danielle


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