Secret Confessions

Get close…. I’ll only ever admit this once. I… love BUMPITS™! Look, most of what you see on infomercials is complete garbage. I don’t have enough counter space for that magic bullet nonsense and cutting brownies never caused me any hardships in life. I was as skeptical as some of you are. Maybe, no, definitely more skeptical. First of all, some of the hair do’s look ri-god-damn-diculous in that commercial. Who wears their hair like that? Looks like bad pageant hair; please excuse the redundancy in that statement. To make a long story filled with whimsical, comedic flare, short – I decided to try it. By “I decided”, I mean that I was standing in line at the epicenter of evil known as Walmart and was swindled into an impulse purchase. To my dismay, it looked great and was almost fool proof. My ‘do holds up to all the usual abuse throughout the day. I move around quite a bit in my line of work and I have smacked my bump on various things and it never moved. I fully endorse this product.


It will set you back a cool $9.99 at Walmart or other stores that carry hair supplies or accessories. (i.e. Sally’s, Walgreens, CVS, etc.) Before you buy, a word to the wise: There are different sizes of Bumpit™ packages. The one I got only had 1 mini, 1 medium and 1 large. Not that I wanted or needed it but where is my “Hollywood” size Bumpit? On the official website for the product, you get two sets, both of which include the Hollywood for the same price of the smaller packages currently in circulation. If you want all the pieces and need instant gratification, Claire’s has it for $12.00.

Here’s to voluminous hair!

XX, Danielle


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