“And you are?…” [The Haute Danielle Bio]

Ever wonder just who the faces behind these blogs are? What gives them the final word on what’s in or out/wrong or right? Cindi Leive (Glamour), Anna Wintour (Vogue), Roberta Myers (Elle) and Kate White (Cosmopolitan). Neither has personally, or indirectly for that matter, extended their patent of approval. No divine or noble titles have been gained by affiliation. So, just who the hell am I and why should you read or care? I’m an artist like many of you. Introspectively, more so like the aforementioned powerful women, I have an unwavering view of what style is and what it will be.

I‘m a designer, an artist, a makeup maven [MAC certified], amateur photographer, know-it-all English major and a Stylista at heart. I’m not over privileged so I hope its not disheartening to know I’m not wearing the latest Christian Louboutins, Balenciaga pumps or even the Balmain boots everyone including myself is salavating over whilst typing this. My aim is to have a cohesive fashion blog that isn’t comprised soley of “pretty pictures” and regurgitated news you could’ve found elsewhere. I think too highly of you to underwhlem. This is my project; my baby. It’s work in progress. Stay tuned as the overhaul transformation forges on.

Love & Respect

XX, Danielle


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