Fierce Magazine Covers

So I’m going to out myself. I watched MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”. I know, I know – Believe me, I know. However, would you just take a look at the gorgeous photo of Lauren Conrad on the May 2012 cover of GLAMOUR?! The cover is a little cheeky with implied partial nudity but it’s tastefully done. The rest of the photos are more clothed; very weekend vacation in West Palm Beach. Whomever the stylist was they did a great job of making her more grown up and chic. No stupid hipster braid to be found. She just might be able to recover from MTV “reality” stigma. I’ll be honest, I skimmed it. Are magazines about words, really people? You want to see whose cellulite that was on the beach and who wore it better or what new products & scents are out. If it’s witty and almost satirical writing you desire, you come here. If my memory serves me correctly I believe the reality star formerly known as “L.C.” gives tips on being sweet AND sexy but not before appealing to the masses by divulging that she too, although rich, blonde and thin has body image issues.  ….That’s uh, that’s new and doesn’t make us scoff. Yeah…. Definitely flip worthy though.

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Also in flawless magazine cover news, Alicia Keys posted a sneak peek of her VIBE Magazine cover via her official Instagram. Mizz Keys looks bold – not exactly on trend considering we’re jumping into Spring but she’s giving good face nonetheless. Bold black lip, smokey eyes, high collar leather jacket while rocking a very Janelle Monae pompadour/French twist hair do. We LOVE it.


XX, Danielle


Awakening The Sleeping Giant


This blog, was started with the hunger for greatness. Started with the intent of bringing every girl (and boy) a fresh take on what’s happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Due to unforeseen economic strife and lack of inspiration, everything came to a screeching halt. What you haven’t seen is that the past few months we have been diligently working to resurrect the dream – expanding it. All upgrades and changes will be made known here, first. What can you expect? Well, for one, it won’t be a whole year before we blog again (even though we do share things on the Facebook page). There will be far more interaction – we’re going to blog and tweet harder than anyone has or ever will. Giveaways, tutorials and a little something extra we’re going to keep mum until it’s ready. So stay tuned. Your patience and dedication keeps the blood pumping in this operation.

XX, Danielle

When Celebrities Tweet

Curious as to what your favorite celebrity has in their makeup case? Look no further than the ultra-voyeuristic site, Twitter. Khloe Kardashian-Odom dishes on how she gets that glow (and here we thought it was genetic or all that Miami sun). Says the youngest of the Kardashian trio:

“I just read a comment left on my blog asking what kind of bronzer I use — Smashbox matte bronzer and Dior bronzer. I mix them 🙂 1:51 PM Mar 31st via web”

Thanks Khlo!

XX, Danielle

Spring (Fashion) FWD


It’s that time of the year again. Sandals are available in abundance and the color palettes are bright and vibrant. Feel free to pack away your apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. (Yeah, I said it.)  Spring 2010 is all about candy-coated colors, neutrals and metallics. Try a bold lip like in the Prada ad above paired with a bronze/smokey eye or if you’re unsure how to use color in your new Spring wardrobe, go neutral with khaki, gray or white and add a pop of color with an accessory. Interested in snagging some of our picks? See below.

1. Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Volupte lipstick in “Sweet Honey” (#4 ) – $34 This lipstick is a universally perfect neutral shade. It’s moisturizing but not thin or too runny. It also has a subtle shimmer to it which I love. It’s a splurge but any makeup that is long-lasting and has professional yet wear n’ go appeal is worth it.

2. Sephora by OPI in “Cover Me in Petals” – $9 This shade is not for the timid. In the recent issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, a survey answered by men said that they all preferred their girl’s mani/pedi in classic red. We say, shake things up. This color is an update of your staple red polish. It’s more of a blood orange. Try it out and let us know if you’ve turned some extra heads!

3. Fossil (watch) Women’s white resin bracelet –$95 On sale at Macy’s: $70 Even if you’re like me and you check your Blackberry for the time, after a point, it’s just the grown up thing to do. Make responsibility chic and opt for this cute and inexpensive watch from Fossil.

4. Kate Spade Tinsbury clutch – $70 – $200 This adorable clutch is a great example of “less is more”. This wicker/straw clutch comes in a few different colors; green, silver, gold, white and red. It’s not a new item but a favorite. Great for both Spring and Summer. Try eBay or a plethora of online stores.

5. Forever 21 Solid Floral Dress – $34.80 The perfect Spring dress – it’s a fresh shade of green with little peek-a-boo embroidered detail on the sleeves, pockets (all dresses should have pockets but that’s another story for another entry) and a removable sash. You could play the waiting game and try to buy it in a few weeks when it’s marked down to $10 but good luck finding it in your size or…. at all. Our advice? Go grab one now and dress it up or down. You’ll get your money’s worth.

Tip: Dress it up with a cute cardigan and heels or a jeweled flat. For a sexier night look, soft waves in the hair and a wide studded belt in place of the sash, heals and bangles will take it to another level. / Dress it down by pulling the hair back, some cute sandals, simple accessories and brown tinted aviators.

6. Vans “Era” sneaker in herringbone – $52 Seemingly a nod to old school Keds, these sneaks have a retro look and the metallic factor.

7. Blowfish (Malibu) “Life Gladiators” sandal – $39 @ DSW These sandals are identical to the ones I purchased last year (same manufacturer/company) and let me be square with you – the MOST comfortable gladiator ever. I also got a lot of compliments on them because they were unlike a lot of the mass-produced gladiators that were popping up all over the place. In this almost neutral tone, they’ll pair beautifully with most anything.

8. Betsey Johnson “Petal Pusher” demi bra swimsuit – $126 Keep the girls shelved high while working on getting your tan back in this adorable two piece.

9. & 10. Tory Burch metallic “Reva” clutch – $12 a week & Chanel patent flap handbag – $85 a week online at BagBorrowOrSteal. Not everyone can afford to mix high and low into their wardrobe, right? Wrong, my little Stylistas. You can use this site and feel like a celebrity even without celebrity money.

There you have it. Our take on Spring 2010!

XX, Danielle

Secret Confessions

Get close…. I’ll only ever admit this once. I… love BUMPITS™! Look, most of what you see on infomercials is complete garbage. I don’t have enough counter space for that magic bullet nonsense and cutting brownies never caused me any hardships in life. I was as skeptical as some of you are. Maybe, no, definitely more skeptical. First of all, some of the hair do’s look ri-god-damn-diculous in that commercial. Who wears their hair like that? Looks like bad pageant hair; please excuse the redundancy in that statement. To make a long story filled with whimsical, comedic flare, short – I decided to try it. By “I decided”, I mean that I was standing in line at the epicenter of evil known as Walmart and was swindled into an impulse purchase. To my dismay, it looked great and was almost fool proof. My ‘do holds up to all the usual abuse throughout the day. I move around quite a bit in my line of work and I have smacked my bump on various things and it never moved. I fully endorse this product.


It will set you back a cool $9.99 at Walmart or other stores that carry hair supplies or accessories. (i.e. Sally’s, Walgreens, CVS, etc.) Before you buy, a word to the wise: There are different sizes of Bumpit™ packages. The one I got only had 1 mini, 1 medium and 1 large. Not that I wanted or needed it but where is my “Hollywood” size Bumpit? On the official website for the product, you get two sets, both of which include the Hollywood for the same price of the smaller packages currently in circulation. If you want all the pieces and need instant gratification, Claire’s has it for $12.00.

Here’s to voluminous hair!

XX, Danielle

[Retraction] MAC Won’t Like this One Bit…

BUT WE LOVE IT!!! Brought to our attention is a little internet treasure. If you aspire to work behind that MAC counter and haven’t made it yet, your head is about to explode. Building your kit whether personal or professional can be is costly. Take a gander at this. Your eyes don’t deceive you, everything on that site is crazily discounted! The brands they carry are: MAC, Benefit, Chanel, Nars, O.P.I., Dior, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Tous Touch, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gucci, Armani, Guerlain, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Clinique. Sure, a lot of the products are past season but who cares?!?! Even better for those of you who are dedicated to certain brands and can’t find certain discontinued products. Shipping is a little steep but think of it this way, the same $20 would only buy you one product. We’re awaiting our order. ; ) Of course, you’ll be the first to know about our review. You’re welcome my little Stylistas!

XX, Danielle

So it’s been brought to my attention that this site could be a total sham. Not in a rob your account blind kind of way, but in a “We sell fake MAC” kind of way. Walk of shame for this blogger but you live and you learn. In our defense there wasn’t one complaint available and the web was scoured for it. Our bad. Please do NOT purchase anything until we have investigated further.

XX, Danielle

UPDATE: After some fine-tooth combing, the site is definitely fake. Fake products are usually really decent quality but you don’t want to risk using makeup that could be potentially harmful due to material content/lack of regulation/etc. How could I tell? While a few eyeshadow pots on the site were completely deceptive with perfect labeling and appropriate shade names and placement of decals, others I neglected to look at were off. For example, MAC single shadows not now or ever have come equipped with a sponge applicator. We’re heartbroken. We feel swindled, bamboozled, hood-winked and tricked! It was almost certain that the previously discontinued potted MAC cake liner was within our grasp as well as the opportunity to try several other brands/lines at a discount. Be careful when shopping online. That is today’s lesson. Too many counterfeit cosmetics out there and its a shame. What next? People buying makeup out of some guy’s trunk? *tisk tisk* – Oh, also feel free to add and to your list of fake name brand cosmetic peddlers.

Hello lovers…

This is the official: “Hi I’m Danielle, please don’t tune out, things are merely under construction!” post. Great things to come – we’ll talk trends, fashion, makeup, who should fire their stylist, tutorials and sales. We’ll cover all that encompasses the many strands of the fashion world. Pass it on, won’t you?

XX, Danielle