Raf Simons To Replace Galliano

We’re a few days late but to merely blurb the latest news without a little digging is not our style. What you’ve heard is true, darlings. Tarred and feathered, John Galliano will not be lending his genius to Dior any longer. He has been replaced by Raf Simons who will assume his position as creative director. You might be wondering aloud “Who is Raf Simons”? He’s a Belgian designer whose background is rooted in menswear. He currently has a line of menswear bearing his name in various shops – Barney’s, Seven and multiple online stores (mrporter.com, parkandbond.com, sense.com and oki-ni.com to name a few) including his own. His latest, most noteworthy stint until now was at Jil Sander. I will never disrespect another artist’s vision but it’s certainly not my aesthetic and they produce those god awful elevator shoes pop star Robyn loves to wear. Ick. We don’t understand. The label was previously owned by Prada and yet there wasn’t one piece of the recent Jil Sander collection I wished to own.

I have to say that as a fan of Galliano and his work with Dior, I’m worried. Everything Simons has done lacks any trace of understanding the luxury of couture design. “Modern”, “basic” or “streamlined” is not what I associate with the house of Christian Dior. Simons makes SNEAKERS and polos. Boxy shirts and skirts for women… lots of solids or paisley… *sigh*. Apparently Simons has an affinity for making unexpected locations his runway but is that enough? Dior was theater – the clothes, music and themes transported you some place else.  For me, the jury is out on Raf Simons. There was a lot of talk about Marc Jacobs being a contender and a squabble over the almighty dollar. Whatever he wants, i say you give it to him. What do you think? #SaveDior

XX, Danielle



Tonight’s post comes from a place of disappointment & frustration. New job, new nail polish right? Right. I decided to try a shade (other than Black Onyx or O.P.I. Red) that caught my attention. Blue polish is typically reserved for ladies of the night or any stylistically misguided girl in the 90’s. This was a different hue of blue that I could justify. Acceptable, kind of  like navy. “Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michigan” seemed so promising until I attempted my manicure. Streaks, bubbles and a runny consistency made for a foreign experience. That is, if you disregard the shade of green I purchased prior. What’s going on with that? Am I the only person encountering a decline in quality from this once fail-proof brand? It may be time to step out on O.P.I…..

So tell us – What “respectable” brand/product has failed you? Haute_Danielle@yahoo.com  or  http://www.twitter.com/hautedanielle

XX, Danielle

When Celebrities Tweet

Curious as to what your favorite celebrity has in their makeup case? Look no further than the ultra-voyeuristic site, Twitter. Khloe Kardashian-Odom dishes on how she gets that glow (and here we thought it was genetic or all that Miami sun). Says the youngest of the Kardashian trio:

“I just read a comment left on my blog asking what kind of bronzer I use — Smashbox matte bronzer and Dior bronzer. I mix them 🙂 1:51 PM Mar 31st via web”

Thanks Khlo!

XX, Danielle

It’s A Sad, Sad Day For The Fashion World.

When I started this blog, I’d hoped to never have this kind of news come about but Alexander McQueen – Born Lee McQueen has passed away. Only 40 years young, he was found in his London home and pronounced D.O.A. Working for Givenchy and eventually his own label both Alexander McQueen and McQ, he brought to fashion a kind of controlled chaos. Many designers push the limits of fashion but few do it well and an even smaller group do it flawlessly. At the top of the latter list was McQueen. It’s completely heartbreaking. It’s too early to know what caused his untimely death but as soon as that information is available, we will update.

May you rest in peace amongst angels… Lee ‘Alexander’ McQueen ( March 16, 1969 – February 11, 2010)

With a heavy heart,

XX – Danielle

[Retraction] MAC Won’t Like this One Bit…

BUT WE LOVE IT!!! Brought to our attention is a little internet treasure. If you aspire to work behind that MAC counter and haven’t made it yet, your head is about to explode. Building your kit whether personal or professional can be is costly. Take a gander at this. Your eyes don’t deceive you, everything on that site is crazily discounted! The brands they carry are: MAC, Benefit, Chanel, Nars, O.P.I., Dior, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Tous Touch, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gucci, Armani, Guerlain, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Clinique. Sure, a lot of the products are past season but who cares?!?! Even better for those of you who are dedicated to certain brands and can’t find certain discontinued products. Shipping is a little steep but think of it this way, the same $20 would only buy you one product. We’re awaiting our order. ; ) Of course, you’ll be the first to know about our review. You’re welcome my little Stylistas!

XX, Danielle

So it’s been brought to my attention that this site could be a total sham. Not in a rob your account blind kind of way, but in a “We sell fake MAC” kind of way. Walk of shame for this blogger but you live and you learn. In our defense there wasn’t one complaint available and the web was scoured for it. Our bad. Please do NOT purchase anything until we have investigated further.

XX, Danielle

UPDATE: After some fine-tooth combing, the site is definitely fake. Fake products are usually really decent quality but you don’t want to risk using makeup that could be potentially harmful due to material content/lack of regulation/etc. How could I tell? While a few eyeshadow pots on the site were completely deceptive with perfect labeling and appropriate shade names and placement of decals, others I neglected to look at were off. For example, MAC single shadows not now or ever have come equipped with a sponge applicator. We’re heartbroken. We feel swindled, bamboozled, hood-winked and tricked! It was almost certain that the previously discontinued potted MAC cake liner was within our grasp as well as the opportunity to try several other brands/lines at a discount. Be careful when shopping online. That is today’s lesson. Too many counterfeit cosmetics out there and its a shame. What next? People buying makeup out of some guy’s trunk? *tisk tisk* – Oh, also feel free to add brushes111.com and sybestbuy.com to your list of fake name brand cosmetic peddlers.