Tonight’s post comes from a place of disappointment & frustration. New job, new nail polish right? Right. I decided to try a shade (other than Black Onyx or O.P.I. Red) that caught my attention. Blue polish is typically reserved for ladies of the night or any stylistically misguided girl in the 90’s. This was a different hue of blue that I could justify. Acceptable, kind of  like navy. “Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michigan” seemed so promising until I attempted my manicure. Streaks, bubbles and a runny consistency made for a foreign experience. That is, if you disregard the shade of green I purchased prior. What’s going on with that? Am I the only person encountering a decline in quality from this once fail-proof brand? It may be time to step out on O.P.I…..

So tell us – What “respectable” brand/product has failed you? Haute_Danielle@yahoo.com  or  http://www.twitter.com/hautedanielle

XX, Danielle