[Insert Celebrity Here] Tweeted Me, No Big Deal…

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We are such liars. Every time it happens there’s a fit of excitement in boy band fan proportions. So, we put together some of our favorites. Let me just say that Bob Mackie…  we did not stop talking about that for a week. It was obnoxious but we do not care! : ) XX, Danielle … Continue reading

Fierce Magazine Covers

So I’m going to out myself. I watched MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”. I know, I know – Believe me, I know. However, would you just take a look at the gorgeous photo of Lauren Conrad on the May 2012 cover of GLAMOUR?! The cover is a little cheeky with implied partial nudity but it’s tastefully done. The rest of the photos are more clothed; very weekend vacation in West Palm Beach. Whomever the stylist was they did a great job of making her more grown up and chic. No stupid hipster braid to be found. She just might be able to recover from MTV “reality” stigma. I’ll be honest, I skimmed it. Are magazines about words, really people? You want to see whose cellulite that was on the beach and who wore it better or what new products & scents are out. If it’s witty and almost satirical writing you desire, you come here. If my memory serves me correctly I believe the reality star formerly known as “L.C.” gives tips on being sweet AND sexy but not before appealing to the masses by divulging that she too, although rich, blonde and thin has body image issues.  ….That’s uh, that’s new and doesn’t make us scoff. Yeah…. Definitely flip worthy though.

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Also in flawless magazine cover news, Alicia Keys posted a sneak peek of her VIBE Magazine cover via her official Instagram. Mizz Keys looks bold – not exactly on trend considering we’re jumping into Spring but she’s giving good face nonetheless. Bold black lip, smokey eyes, high collar leather jacket while rocking a very Janelle Monae pompadour/French twist hair do. We LOVE it.


XX, Danielle

Awakening The Sleeping Giant


This blog, was started with the hunger for greatness. Started with the intent of bringing every girl (and boy) a fresh take on what’s happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Due to unforeseen economic strife and lack of inspiration, everything came to a screeching halt. What you haven’t seen is that the past few months we have been diligently working to resurrect the dream – expanding it. All upgrades and changes will be made known here, first. What can you expect? Well, for one, it won’t be a whole year before we blog again (even though we do share things on the Facebook page). There will be far more interaction – we’re going to blog and tweet harder than anyone has or ever will. Giveaways, tutorials and a little something extra we’re going to keep mum until it’s ready. So stay tuned. Your patience and dedication keeps the blood pumping in this operation.

XX, Danielle

Premieres, Celebrities & Dresses… Oh My!

This month just may cause Sex And The City/Sarah Jessica Parker overload here at Haute Danielle. We sincerely apologize for the nausea in advance and hope that the parade of gorgeous dresses will make up for it. Although we’re excited to see the film, the premiere completely slipped our minds. Thankfully, Andy Cohen of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” was tweeting all about it in the midst of his attendance. Says Andy: “At the Sex and City Premiere! Blue Carpet! Chandeliers outside! Every star in NYC! Glitz n Glam…. Welcome back, ladies. about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter [To follow Andy Cohen, click here] We have to say most everyone looked stunning! The makeup was fresh, the fabric choices are vibrant and thank goodness, the hair was appropriate. (Nothing worse than a couture gown ruined by lack-luster hair don’t(s).) Here’s your sneak peak before it hits the rag mags:


Sarah WOWs in this playful neon gown. (2010 Valentino Spring collection) Her skin is glowing and the soft waves framing her face are perfect. You know what else? We don’t at all mind the shoe selection. “The higher the stiletto, the closer to God.” – Haute Danielle


Kim Cattrall in almost a more subdued shade of SJP’s dress is daring with a deep V both front & back, sleek and sophisticated. Dress designed by Naeem Khan.


Cynthia Nixon is classic in Carolina Herrera. She (or a stylist) added a beautiful rhinestone leaf broach/applique to add a little glitz and we love it. That, along with the ruffles on the back of the dress, revamps the LBD. (Long Black Dress) The only critique is that the eyebrows could have been darker and the hair color needs to go back to red or some form of it. Even platinum blond with dirty roots would be better than the current dye job. Washes her out a bit.


Could you just die? Kristin Davis looks like a delicious, walking cosmopolitan. Hot pink is not an easy color to pull off past the age of 22 but Kristin does so effortlessly. It’s flirty, fun and appropriate for this event. Dress designed by Jean Desses.

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Oh yeah, the leading men of SATC were there! Lookin’ dapper Chris Noth, John Corbett and Jason Lewis!

Now, no premiere is complete without a step & repeat fashion faux pas. This was a train-wreck beyond Lohan proportions. You want to look away and you just can’t because it’s so horrific. HIRE A STYLIST! It’s mind-boggling to me that tonight’s major offender was allowed to leave her house this way. It kills me because I have so much love and admiration for this actress/songbird/Broadway baby. E-mail me… Haute_Danielle@yahoo.com and I will style you for free. I truly could have done better at Nieman’s. *Choo choo* Make way for trainwreck of the night… Liza Minelli.


I get it, she’s been through hell and back but that doesn’t excuse this get-up. What material is this? It looks like leftovers from an old Missy Elliot video. Garbage bag chic? We don’t see this look catching on any time soon. Dare we say, it’s a ‘haute mess’.

Tragic. So Tragic.
XX, Danielle

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When Celebrities Tweet

Curious as to what your favorite celebrity has in their makeup case? Look no further than the ultra-voyeuristic site, Twitter. Khloe Kardashian-Odom dishes on how she gets that glow (and here we thought it was genetic or all that Miami sun). Says the youngest of the Kardashian trio:

“I just read a comment left on my blog asking what kind of bronzer I use — Smashbox matte bronzer and Dior bronzer. I mix them 🙂 1:51 PM Mar 31st via web”

Thanks Khlo!

XX, Danielle