Awakening The Sleeping Giant


This blog, was started with the hunger for greatness. Started with the intent of bringing every girl (and boy) a fresh take on what’s happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Due to unforeseen economic strife and lack of inspiration, everything came to a screeching halt. What you haven’t seen is that the past few months we have been diligently working to resurrect the dream – expanding it. All upgrades and changes will be made known here, first. What can you expect? Well, for one, it won’t be a whole year before we blog again (even though we do share things on the Facebook page). There will be far more interaction – we’re going to blog and tweet harder than anyone has or ever will. Giveaways, tutorials and a little something extra we’re going to keep mum until it’s ready. So stay tuned. Your patience and dedication keeps the blood pumping in this operation.

XX, Danielle


One On One With Sarah Jessica Parker!!!

Okay, okay…. and thousands of other viewers. Back off a bit. Let us bask in our out-of-body, groupie experience. *Phew* Alright, back to business. For those of you who watch RHONYC (if you don’t understand the acronym then you don’t watch), you should have also seen “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” right after. Every time the Bravo hotline has been shamelessly dialed for previous shows/guests, the line is busy. Something made us call 5 minutes before the show even came on and we got through. Now that the cat is out of the bag, good luck trying it now. Sorry, major fail on our behalf. The original question was: “Which RHONYC and SATC character are you most like in your real/personal life and with all of the success surrounding the film franchise, is there any hope for the return of the series on HBO in the future?”. However, the producer that answered the phone decided to edit our question to hell but principals be damned! Censorship over missing an opportunity like this. Look, normally stars don’t phase or excite but it’s SJP. She changed the way we talked about sex and fashion. The writers are not to be under rug swept but SJP brought Carrie to life.

Anyway, the 20 minute phone hold felt like hours. Mouth gone dry, heart beating furiously within my chest… and then, it was my turn. See for yourself below:

Bloggers and fans alike have a hard time gaining real access to celebrities, which, is not to say we’re entitled to meet these people but rather pointing out that without the right credentials, asking a simple question or merely getting to express your gratitude personally is very rare. Unless you whore yourself out and become a self-proclaimed celeb and for some reason everyone plays along are Perez Hilton. Even more so with A-listers like Sarah Jessica Parker. She was SO sweet and charming. Love, love, LOVE her! To say we’re “Giddy like a school girl” would be apropos. Enough gushing… did you happen to notice that the video above is hosted by our very own youtube account? That means tutorials are coming. : )

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XX, Danielle