Raf Simons To Replace Galliano

We’re a few days late but to merely blurb the latest news without a little digging is not our style. What you’ve heard is true, darlings. Tarred and feathered, John Galliano will not be lending his genius to Dior any longer. He has been replaced by Raf Simons who will assume his position as creative director. You might be wondering aloud “Who is Raf Simons”? He’s a Belgian designer whose background is rooted in menswear. He currently has a line of menswear bearing his name in various shops – Barney’s, Seven and multiple online stores (mrporter.com, parkandbond.com, sense.com and oki-ni.com to name a few) including his own. His latest, most noteworthy stint until now was at Jil Sander. I will never disrespect another artist’s vision but it’s certainly not my aesthetic and they produce those god awful elevator shoes pop star Robyn loves to wear. Ick. We don’t understand. The label was previously owned by Prada and yet there wasn’t one piece of the recent Jil Sander collection I wished to own.

I have to say that as a fan of Galliano and his work with Dior, I’m worried. Everything Simons has done lacks any trace of understanding the luxury of couture design. “Modern”, “basic” or “streamlined” is not what I associate with the house of Christian Dior. Simons makes SNEAKERS and polos. Boxy shirts and skirts for women… lots of solids or paisley… *sigh*. Apparently Simons has an affinity for making unexpected locations his runway but is that enough? Dior was theater – the clothes, music and themes transported you some place else.  For me, the jury is out on Raf Simons. There was a lot of talk about Marc Jacobs being a contender and a squabble over the almighty dollar. Whatever he wants, i say you give it to him. What do you think? #SaveDior

XX, Danielle


Awakening The Sleeping Giant


This blog, was started with the hunger for greatness. Started with the intent of bringing every girl (and boy) a fresh take on what’s happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Due to unforeseen economic strife and lack of inspiration, everything came to a screeching halt. What you haven’t seen is that the past few months we have been diligently working to resurrect the dream – expanding it. All upgrades and changes will be made known here, first. What can you expect? Well, for one, it won’t be a whole year before we blog again (even though we do share things on the Facebook page). There will be far more interaction – we’re going to blog and tweet harder than anyone has or ever will. Giveaways, tutorials and a little something extra we’re going to keep mum until it’s ready. So stay tuned. Your patience and dedication keeps the blood pumping in this operation.

XX, Danielle

Face Wash Tutorial


I bet you’re thinking “Really? I’ve been doing this for ___ years. I know how to wash my face!” Ever wonder to yourself why you’re always switching cleansing products? Because you won’t let them do their job. That’s right, ladies and gents. It’s you, not them. When you wash your face, how long are you scrubbing/rubbing for? A couple of seconds, right? Try this: Exfoliate/scrub/suds up with the facial cleanser of your choice and once properly lathered by way of making small circles with your finger tips or SOFT wash cloth across your face, leave it alone. For five whole minutes. Naturally, if you have sensitive skin hopefully you’re already using a cleanser balanced for your skin type. You’ll also want to cut back on the time in which you leave it on your skin and monitor accordingly. We recommend three minutes. Remember that most cleansers contain Benzoyl Peroxide which, is actually a natural compound but has the ability to strip/erode/bleach so exercise caution. The bottom line is that your products can’t work if the ingredients don’t have time to!

XX, Danielle

You’re Fired!

John Galliano has been canned, loves. In a blaze of disgrace no less. By now you might have seen the video and heard that the new face of Miss Dior Cherie, Oscar Award winning Natalie Portman, has denounced any ties. Rightfully so as Mizz Portman herself is, Israeli/Jewish – Galliano’s target of choice.

It’s sad, really. It’s highly unprofessional. For all the faithful Jewish customers and those employed by Dior that have been indirectly affected, our empathy lies with you. We cannot fathom what sparked such a response from an otherwise loved and respected designer. The actual video, though we will not host it here, is on YouTube. Judge for yourself after viewing. Our personal opinion would be that you need to hear the other side. From the looks of it, the patrons filming him without his knowledge/consent seem to be taunting him while he’s having dinner and perhaps a drink or five. It would be impolite to say, but had it been another group targeted, we’re not sure the same measures would’ve been taken. It’s a little tar & feather, the arresting and whatnot. I think that was a bit much.

Galliano arriving to turn himself in at a police station in Paris but not without a dashing outfit.

The outcome? Galliano will enter rehab (They have all kinds of cover-your-ass rehab these days.) and Richard Tisci is slated to carry on in Galliano’s place. We wonder, what will become of his own line? What will Dior shows be like now, without it’s long time Mad Hatter? Most likely droll and unimaginative. Many in the small fashion bubble have spoken out – some in devout support and others in disgust. Of course, there is Natalie Portman but as of late Isaac Mizrahi has taken a less PC approach. Says Mizrahi:

“Galliano was more of a fetishist to me. He was more of a fetishist than a democrat. And I refer to him in the past tense, because I don’t think he’ll work again. I hope not. I hope he doesn’t work again.”

“I guess I’m the wrong one to talk to, because I never really liked sort of what he did so much. I liked better what McQueen did. I liked better what Vivienne Westwood did,” he said. “So now I don’t like it, and he’s a Jew hater? I was like, buh-bye.”

Isaac Mizrahi has washed his hands, Vogue – UK & Italia are pissed, Karl Lagerfeld (Our beloved & coveted) is outraged for the image Galliano has portrayed not for himself, but for all designers and the house of Christian Dior and yet Giorgio Armani, Patricia Field, Jean Paul Gaultier and even Galliano’s accuser who shot the video do not believe he said those things with ill intent. Only time will tell how things will fall apart or into place. Oh well, until then be careful of what you say my darlings… It’ll co$t you.

XX, Danielle

Premieres, Celebrities & Dresses… Oh My!

This month just may cause Sex And The City/Sarah Jessica Parker overload here at Haute Danielle. We sincerely apologize for the nausea in advance and hope that the parade of gorgeous dresses will make up for it. Although we’re excited to see the film, the premiere completely slipped our minds. Thankfully, Andy Cohen of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” was tweeting all about it in the midst of his attendance. Says Andy: “At the Sex and City Premiere! Blue Carpet! Chandeliers outside! Every star in NYC! Glitz n Glam…. Welcome back, ladies. about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter [To follow Andy Cohen, click here] We have to say most everyone looked stunning! The makeup was fresh, the fabric choices are vibrant and thank goodness, the hair was appropriate. (Nothing worse than a couture gown ruined by lack-luster hair don’t(s).) Here’s your sneak peak before it hits the rag mags:


Sarah WOWs in this playful neon gown. (2010 Valentino Spring collection) Her skin is glowing and the soft waves framing her face are perfect. You know what else? We don’t at all mind the shoe selection. “The higher the stiletto, the closer to God.” – Haute Danielle


Kim Cattrall in almost a more subdued shade of SJP’s dress is daring with a deep V both front & back, sleek and sophisticated. Dress designed by Naeem Khan.


Cynthia Nixon is classic in Carolina Herrera. She (or a stylist) added a beautiful rhinestone leaf broach/applique to add a little glitz and we love it. That, along with the ruffles on the back of the dress, revamps the LBD. (Long Black Dress) The only critique is that the eyebrows could have been darker and the hair color needs to go back to red or some form of it. Even platinum blond with dirty roots would be better than the current dye job. Washes her out a bit.


Could you just die? Kristin Davis looks like a delicious, walking cosmopolitan. Hot pink is not an easy color to pull off past the age of 22 but Kristin does so effortlessly. It’s flirty, fun and appropriate for this event. Dress designed by Jean Desses.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oh yeah, the leading men of SATC were there! Lookin’ dapper Chris Noth, John Corbett and Jason Lewis!

Now, no premiere is complete without a step & repeat fashion faux pas. This was a train-wreck beyond Lohan proportions. You want to look away and you just can’t because it’s so horrific. HIRE A STYLIST! It’s mind-boggling to me that tonight’s major offender was allowed to leave her house this way. It kills me because I have so much love and admiration for this actress/songbird/Broadway baby. E-mail me… Haute_Danielle@yahoo.com and I will style you for free. I truly could have done better at Nieman’s. *Choo choo* Make way for trainwreck of the night… Liza Minelli.


I get it, she’s been through hell and back but that doesn’t excuse this get-up. What material is this? It looks like leftovers from an old Missy Elliot video. Garbage bag chic? We don’t see this look catching on any time soon. Dare we say, it’s a ‘haute mess’.

Tragic. So Tragic.
XX, Danielle

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Magazine Review


With the evil forces of television and internet being vigilant in their effort to phase out the print world, I thought now is a good time to renew your faith and maybe your subscriptions. (I am aware of the irony/incongruity in that statement. Thanks for asking.) What kind of sadistic blogger would tell you to stop referring to the internet to satisfy your fashion needs? Look, the truth is that while you’re looking busy at work, it’s far more discreet to get your trend or celebrity fix without the deafening crinkle of a magazine page in a quiet office. I have a few favorite sites that keep me in the know while I try to pass the time but I won’t lie, most times I think “This is what cheap drugs must be like.” It’ll get you there but it’s a temporary high. A different high – nowhere near as good as the pure stuff. I’m getting carried away but you get what I mean. It’s fast, cheap and dirty. Much like a Whitney Houston revelation, you should want the best. “Crack is whack” children. ….”BOBBAAYYYYY!!!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Once a dedicated Vogue reader, I decided to go old school and subscribe to various fashion magazines. You can often find offers online for free subscriptions if you’re ambivalent about committing. After this review, hopefully you won’t need to make your local postman work so hard. Let’s get right to it. Nylon – Nylon is great for all you trendy, indie, trust fund babies out there. A few brands I’d never heard of; typically overpriced but stylistically desirable. The downside is that the pages are lack-lustre, not one fragrance sample and it’s overtly targeted for a younger audience. ELLE – Great, affordable beauty product and accessory finds. Kudos to the staff for finding items within the budget of us mere common folk. The quantity of high-end ads are comparable to that of Vogue. Lucky – Waste of time. Marie Claire – Don’t bother. That magazine is painfully generic and the pieces are mediocre. Cosmopolitan – To my utter dismay, Cosmo albeit containing cheesy quizzes that boast life-altering results, is the perfect balance of celebrity/practical fashion/entertaining satirical pieces. Call it my favorite guilty pleasure. Vogue – Ah, combien magnifique! Does it get any better for high fashion? Fewer pages it seems. Less and less every issue but just as valuable as a reputable source for fashion authority. Haper’s Bazaar – A close runner up to Vogue. Great articles and slightly less celebrity obsessed. Try and ignore the fact that Miley Cyrus is on the current cover if you can.

What magazines will you be subscribing to?…

XX, Danielle