Things We’re OBSESSED With


We would like to apologize in advance for introducing this to you if you haven’t  discovered it already. If you love fancy things nobody else has, and we KNOW you do… this is for you.

Photobucket is a community that shares amazing products, locations, etc. that often times you’ll be  given a sweet deal on if you buy through the website. It’s half elite purchasing and half OMGlookatthisstuffit’ssocoolWOULDYAjustLOOKatit,justLOOKatit posts from other members. You can “fancy” any item and it will save it into lists for you so you can go back to it later and maybe purchase it orrrr just dream about owning it. : /  Either way we guarantee you won’t be able to stop clicking & scrolling.

XX, Danielle