It’s A Sad, Sad Day For The Fashion World.

When I started this blog, I’d hoped to never have this kind of news come about but Alexander McQueen – Born Lee McQueen has passed away. Only 40 years young, he was found in his London home and pronounced D.O.A. Working for Givenchy and eventually his own label both Alexander McQueen and McQ, he brought to fashion a kind of controlled chaos. Many designers push the limits of fashion but few do it well and an even smaller group do it flawlessly. At the top of the latter list was McQueen. It’s completely heartbreaking. It’s too early to know what caused his untimely death but as soon as that information is available, we will update.

May you rest in peace amongst angels… Lee ‘Alexander’ McQueen ( March 16, 1969 – February 11, 2010)

With a heavy heart,

XX – Danielle