An Evening With Chaz Bono



     Indeed it was. The actual speaking engagement took place on April 16th, 2012 at Florida International University. Mr. Bono was on a mini cluster of speaking engagements/book signing & tour perfectly timed after his appearance as the Grand Marshall of the Miami Pride Parade. These college appearances are typically paid for by the SGA so no matter how many people show, the guest is already paid. I’ll be honest, the attendance was a little shocking to me. I thought, celebrity, it’s Miami – target audience = every seat filled. This was not the case and in all fairness, I think the advertising could’ve been better but I will say it did allow for a more intimate setting. Having been a fan for a while, I think I could’ve navigated that interview better but when it came to audience questions, naturally, I stole the show.

 It was a nice little affair, FIU went all out by even catering the book signing. When it was finally my turn to schmooze with Chaz, I sheepishly whipped out my copy of his first book – then written as Chastity Bono – titled “Family Outting”. I immediately said: “I don’t have the new book on hand, please don’t hate me!” and he smiled and said “No, not at all. Actually, I’m most proud of this book, I’ve been trying to get them to do a re-release of it.” I actually was part of his brother Elijah (Allman)’s band’s street team – picked him and the band up in my car matter of fact – it’s a long story, you don’t have time, trust me. We had some laughs and he even shed a little light on Cher the person as opposed to the persona.


I bet you’re saying “Ok, I guess that’s kind of cool but what the hell does that have to do with fashion or style?” Allow me to bestow a little insight – being Transgendered, so many have misconceptions on what it means and get too caught up in needing to define it to feel comfortable about it. It’s really this simple. Imagine not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Not being able to identify with anything tied to your assigned gender. At the very core, that’s what it’s about. I’m not going to delve further but I was curious to know what that experience was like for Chaz. For so many in transition, it’s difficult. We asked if it was possible to ask a few questions to share with you lovely people about his style and any associated self-discoveries, fashion disasters or reliefs brought on by finding his niche. Chaz mentioned he would but that he had to be up very early. He suggested that we check out his website for the appropriate contacts to set something up. Little did he know, he had done that earlier. It was last minute; Literally an hour before we left to drive to Miami and when we got home, we received this LOVELY correspondence from Chaz’s PR dick, uh, I mean guy, below.


 What a DOUCHE BAG. I read him the riot act because you know what? He’s not Ari Gold from HBO’s “Entourage” and should take into consideration how he comes across because he is a representation of his clients. There’s a place and a time to be a flippant jerk and that’s in the board room or while negotiating a major deal. With that said, I digress. It is no reflection on Chaz as he was sweet and candid. Chaz’s book “Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man ” is out (pun intended) now so pick up your copy. Whether or not you know someone who is transgendered is irrelevant. It might teach you something new, give you a different perspective. We’re awaiting our copy via but if it’s anything like his first book, you won’t be able to put it down.

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