Fabulous Finds


Good (very early) morning my little Stylistas! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to get together and cheat without shame on your diet while surrounded by family and friends. One thing you should be eternally grateful for are the scads of clothing practically being given away the following Friday. For once on “Black Friday” I let other style starved patrons do the camping out. I did wander into a store or two later, however. I came across a fun little impulse purchase while standing in line at Old Navy that I wanted to share with you.

Love Keychain

Recognize it? Its a deliciously blatant knock off from the key chain that Jennifer Hudson gives to Carrie (SJP) in the SATC movie. Cute, no? Grab one (in either silver or gold) for yourself or for the ‘Sex and the City’ fan in your life. At just $3.50, it’s an adorable little stocking stuffer. I’d love to see or hear about any interesting finds or phenomenal deals you scored this weekend! Forward your info complete with photo to: Danielle’s E-mail and if I like what you’re workin’ with – I’ll post it.

XX, Danielle